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Read below for praise and awards for the work they have done on several books.

Mormon Letters Award- Best Picture Book 2014

Many writers would love to influence our world, but it’s likely that few do as directly as those who write for children. McArthur Krishna and Bethany Brady Spaulding’s Girls Who Chose God is an important addition to the LDS picture book canon. Without moralizing, the book shares scriptural-based stories of women who chose God in various aspects of their lives. Given the current discussions about how to make women’s work more visible in the LDS church, this book offers an important resource for parents to talk to their children about women in the church. Kathleen Peterson’s vivid illustrations add a lovely dimension to the stories shared.

Deseret Book Top-10 Bestseller, 2015

There’s nothing like knowing a WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE like your work… and like learning about women in the scriptures!

“The authors have shown that, although few in number, women in the Bible made deliberate, bold choices for themselves and fulfilled their potential with God’s help. For girls and women today discovering these same powers within themselves, this book is a treasure.”

– Neylane McBaine, Founder, The Mormon Women Project

“Reading this powerful, impressive message of strong women from the Book of Mormon is a rich experience…The questions posed at the end of each insightful story invite my personal reflection about my choices, my bravery, my courage and my priorities. It is a message for every age.”

– Ardeth G. Kapp, ninth general president of the Young Women

Undaunted by the apparent absence of women in the Book of Mormon, McArthur Krishna and Bethany Brady Spalding have located many good females and given voice to their stories and imagery to their faces, proving once again that women are everywhere, even when you are not noticing.”

– Claudia L. Bushman, author of Contemporary Mormonism

A stirring tribute to the heretofore hidden Book of Mormon heroines. Their courage and faith are illustrated magnificently in this timely treatment. They now stand as powerful role models for the rising generation of girls and boys.

– Fiona Givens, author of The God Who Weeps

“Girls Who Choose God is a must-have. Reading these depictions of pivotal moments in the lives of our spiritual ancestors, and studying the extraordinary art, I feel angels redoing along with me.”

– Kate Holbrook, managing historian, women’s history, Church History Department

Mormon Letters Award – Best Picture Book 2016

In some ways, Our Heavenly Families is more workbook than narrative, organized around fifteen key ideas exploring the Mormon doctrine on family. The writing is masterful in allowing room for readers to reconcile the true complexity of lived family life with doctrine, quotes from LDS leaders, and even The Family Proclamation. The authors ask evocative questions, prodding readers to connect more deeply with the concepts at hand while leaving many conclusions open ended for personalization. The structure and content of the writing, however satisfying, comes second to the remarkable illustrations by Caitlin Connolly. Not only does her visual work reinforce the themes at hand, Connolly has produced a book full of iconic religious art, deeply symbolic and spiritual. Her visual work is so complete and intelligent it competes with the text for impact, a truly unique contribution to our Mormon cultural landscape.